Freedom Fighters
World's Largest Miracle Working Training Center

About Us

Based out of Southern California the NEW Freedom Fighter International Training Center was established by Jay Bartlett with the hopes of equipping the Body of Christ on how to proclaim the gospel, drive out demons, heal the sick and minister to those with broken hearts. We have seen a tremendous need to educate the Body of Christ on subjects that most Bible schools and theological schools are largely ignoring.

Jay says, "I know there is a urgent need to train a spiritual special forces unit to fight the good fight. I graduated from a theological school that rarely delved into the deeper elements of the faith. Sadly, I wasn't taught how to cast out demons, how to raise the dead, how to heal the sick, and so many other things in my time of studies. This is a spiritual crime and I am determined to allow everyone interested on how to do the works of the Kingdom of God the opportunity to learn and to be equipped."

The NEW Freedom Fighter International Training Center is a one-of-a-kind training school that equips minister and layman alike on the deeper mysteries of the faith that are rarely explored by most theological seminaries. We specialize in training the church in areas of the faith that are needed in our modern day.

What We Believe

We embrace the essentials of the faith including the triune nature of God, the virgin birth, the sinless life, the shedding of holy blood, the death on a cross, the burial, the resurrection, the ascension and second coming of Jesus and that justification is by faith alone in the Lord Jesus --God in the flesh.

Jay Bartlett

Jay Bartlett is an ambassador for the Lord Jesus Christ. Born in New York, USA and raised in South Florida, USA, Jay committed his life to the Lord Jesus Christ as a teenager after reading a booklet by the Dr. Billy Graham and soon surrendered to God's call to enter the gospel ministry. A few months later, Jay experienced the fire of the Holy Spirit which has empowered his service to Christ. Jay has also been ordained as a minister of the gospel by a fellowship of believers out of California.

Upon answering the call of God, Jay prepared initially for ministry, by attending the University of the Cumberlands, studying Sacred Scripture, theology, and the biblical languages. He is a graduate of the Criswell College in Dallas, Texas where he received his degree in Biblical Studies. Jay also received additional training from the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association.

For over 30 years Jay has traveled the globe --North America, Africa, Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Australia, Central and South America-- pursing the call that God had placed upon his life as a teenager to publicly proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ, cast out demons and heal the sick. He has proclaimed the gospel on the streets and in open air public meetings all over the world resulting in thousands of conversions to Christ. Moreover, he has personally trained many thousands in the areas of evangelism, deliverance and healing ministry.

Jay currently serves the global church as an apostle within the Church of the Cross based in Southern California.

Executive & Administrative Staff

~Pastor Gene Smith serves as Vice-President of the training center.

~Pastor Sharon Brand serves as the Administrator of the training center.

~Carl Goldsmith serves as our International Coordinator of the training center.

Teaching Staff

~Pastor Gene Smith serves as Vice-President of the training center and as one of our Instructors.

For more than 20 years Gene has ministered in North and Latin America leading people into a deeper life with Christ in the areas of faith, healing, deliverance, and the spiritual realm. Gene currently serves the Body of Christ as a pastor, international teacher and evangelist, and author with a deep understanding of the spiritual realm.

~Qhubekani Nyathi (Pastor QT) serves as one of our Instructors.

Pastor QT is an author, missionary, and speaker. He was born again in his teens while listening to a Jimmy Swaggart audio tape alone in his bedroom. Three months later he was baptized in the dynamic power of the Holy Spirit. He has been ablaze for Jesus ever since.

Highly educated, pastor QT graduated from Pillsbury College & Seminary in Missouri and the Evangel Bible College in Canada. He has also received an post graduate education from the Liberty Bible College in Melbourne, Australia and the Bible Training Centre in Georgia.

A teacher by profession, QT has extensive experience in Bible instruction, preaching, shepherding, and deliverance. He has witnessed amazing miracles in over two decades of service to his master Jesus Christ. He makes his home in Plumtree in the beautiful nation of Zimbabwe. He is married to Bonani with whom he conducts marriage and singles seminars. They have four adorable children.