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July 1 2017

Soul Invasion Q & A

The fascinating topic of soul invasion (transference of dissociative identities as a result of soul bonds) deserves some exploration and investigation. We also need to provide biblically-sound answers to those who have questions about this intriguing subject. One common question I receive about this subject is this: Since babies are in their mothers for 9 months, would this also be considered oneness to? Can babies, who have dissociated, stay within their mothers?

Yes and yes. When talking about soul invasion we generally speak of the reality of soul ties between two adults, in the here and now, but let's take a deeper look at the reality of soul invasion taking place while mothers carry their babies within their wombs. Mothers, who are with child, are experiencing oneness, are they not? Their babies are within their bodies, obviously, for nine months. So, there is a unique kind of oneness that a mother experiences with their baby. If that inner baby experiences any form of dissociation (In Luke 1:41, 44 we see that Elizabeth's baby "leaped for joy" while in the womb. So, babies can experience positive and negative emotions in the womb) , that little one's heart parts, with the aid of a demon, can invade the mother's soul nature --thus pre-natal soul invasion.

Here in British Columbia, in our recent seminars, we have encountered cases where we have met with mothers who had endured an abortion and their little aborted baby fragmented soul parts are still present within their lives. The demons keep the baby soul parts there to bring an element of torment and emotional distress. God, can though turn it around and use it to allow the mothers to see their little ones and encounter a deeper level of inner healing. We have seen this take place many times. Moms for their very first time being able to SEE their happy little babies and SEE Jesus healing them.

When abortion, for example, takes place, the baby encounters extreme trauma in their bodies and soul natures. Immediately, the baby dissociates and then often times demons of death, abortion and Moloch come along and invade these little baby parts. After the body is disposed of, the broken heart part (the soul nature, not the spirit nature as that aspect is with Jesus upon death) of the baby, however, remains within the mother. We need to offer the healing ministry of Jesus (see Luke 4:18) to the mothers and to their little babies, who are left behind in the soulish nature of these mothers. Jesus heals.

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