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When I read the mission report I was STUNNED! Periodically, our faithful, inspiring and capable International Mission Coordinator, Carl Goldsmith (a pseudonym), will send us victory updates on what is taking place, around the world, as we further the gospel. When I get his reports, I'm continually astounded. My brother Carl, is doing a phenomenal work in the Middle East where he's based and the dozens of nations that he extends his ministry to.

I have spent some time with Carl here in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia and in the Middle East ministering the gospel. I count him as a faithful friend and partner in the gospel. He's a key member of our core mission team and we thank God for his work. Pray for him and his beautiful family.


His first report came in from South Africa:

"Wonderful testimony. When we received a message from Judy she was extremely negative and overwhelmed with oppression, quoted from her message, "I struggle to achieve in life. I am not married, my partner proposed me three times but it doesn't happen. Instead we fight a lot in our relationship. It is no longer the same. There are things moving in the house. Money is a problem, people take advantage of us. Lot of people don't like us. I really need deliverance as the spirit always manifest in church, please I need help. My hair stopped growing."

So the day I received the podcasts from Pastor Sharon for the Spiritual Test (Eradicating Witchcraft - 4 podcasts by Pastor Jay) I sent it to Judy. A few days later we scheduled a telephonic prayer session and the first words she uttered was, "I received a massive deliverance from Pastor Jay's spiritual test podcasts, in fact I have listen to it more than three times and since day one I have been able to pray, read the word and worship Jesus for four hours every single day since."

My friends, our PODCASTS, over the years, have been used of the Holy Spirit to reach, perhaps MILLIONS, on six continents. By the way, I'm back hosting our "Deliverance with Jay Bartlett" PODCASTS on a nearly daily basis. Our LIVE presentations can be heard here 3pm Pacific Time!

This precious disciple in South Africa, listens in and receives a "massive deliverance" from evil spirits and the FRUIT of the DELIVERANCE? FOUR HOURS OF DEVOTION TO JESUS! Astounding and inspiring. However, the reports continue on:


Conducted a telephonic prayer session with Maggie in Uganda. He believes that people have been trying to poison him, his wife has also had two miscarriages. The Holy Spirit led us in a fiery prayer to dismantle the spirit of death in his family, it was discovered that ancient ancestral curses caused the spirit of death to enter his and his wife's life (as they are one), we acted against it and broke all legal rights and bound up the spirit of death. After it was cast out with the authority of Jesus, this adult man began to shed tear of joy, he testified of crying with deep joy that he could feel the presence of Jesus and that he was delivered from that wicked spirit. It was also revealed to him to use anointing oil and to speak life over his wife's ovaries to be fruitful.


We had an intense prayer session and him and his wife (pastors in Nigeria) where they were clearly delivered from the curse of idolatry rooted in his parent's blood line, other generational curse that they were also delivered from was the spirit of poverty and blood sacrifices. At the end they were extremely positive, relieved and feeling empowered in the name of Jesus.


Conducted a telephonic ministry session, the sister suffered greatly from African spirits that have invaded her soul due to demonic soul ties performing witchcraft and adulatory. We discovered a cage that was placed around her by the witchdoctors, as well as spells that where cast for her gifts to be stolen from her. In Jesus supernatural power she received a great deal of healing in her heart and her eyes were also set free, she testified of seeing more color. She was feeling much lighter and received a great deal of joy in her heart. Was a extremely fruitful night.


Conducted an audio call with Monica, she explained that she is living in constant fear and that relatives have placed witchcraft spells on her. We prayed and dealt with several curses, we also dealt with an incubus spirit, during the deliverance prayer she testified that the spirit was moving around her body, and at one stage she had an intense migraine in her head. We battled over the phone for some time and there was much relief and deliverance of multiple layers and destroying strongholds in her thought life.

During a second audio call with Monica just more than a week later, during the confrontational deliverance prayer a spirit came up and said that it had legal right to be there due to the stronghold - she believes that because God created her in her own image that she is a god. This spirit was cast out and she was wonderfully set free. Then another spirit surfaced, she was raped by several shadow people who also haunted her at night and stood around her while she sleeps. The nest of demons and all their demonic devices and evil words where bound up and cast out of her. She could feel the relief and freedom. Then another spirit surfaced and said that he owns her, I confronted this spirit and he said that she had accepted the promise ring on her right hand, after much back and forth and weakening of this entity, a spirit called python, a spirit called money and a spirit called image that wanted her to have plastic surgery all came out, eventually Jezebel also came out of her. In the end, I could hear from her voice that she was relieved and wanted more prayer for her parents as well.


During the deliverance prayer we focused on her physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects. We managed to bind and cast out the following spirits, rejection, infirmity, torment, victim, fear, abandonment, confusion, false religion, spirit of death and the spirit of Jezebel.


After considerable time in ministering the truth from scripture and explaining more to her about deliverance and referring to the disciples of Jesus, she could begin to see light. We prayed together, and she could feel the object moving around in her left foot, eventually it came out of her mouth. She was inspired by the Holy Spirit and was keen to set her focus back on gospel singing again, praise Jesus.

I could go on and on. As you can see our international mission is performing extraordinary feats through the power of God. Why not join us sometime, pray for us and support this important global gospel work! Thank you for your love and support!


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