Freedom Fighters
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Training Schedule

Enroll today! The Freedom Fighter International Training Center curriculum is available on-demand. As you complete the registration process emails will be sent that will include the links to the special audio teachings, for each course, that you have registered to participate in. Start today and create your own training schedule.

Freedom Fighter Special Events



These video-based lectures and demonstrations will touch on more then 70+ spiritual weapons and tools that can be utilized against the demonic and to set the captives free. These are NEVER before released presentations that WILL transform your life. God will bless these teachings to raise up even MORE Freedom Fighters. Learn more about spiritual weapons and watch the enemy flee in Jesus name!


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Eradicating Idolatrous & Witchcraft Curses, Fiery Darts, & Oppression Special Post Graduate Courses within the FFITC!

Special Ministry Courses on Overpowering the Powers of Witchcraft in the Name of Jesus!!!

These Unique and Dynamic Presentations/Teachings Will Teach You on How to Overcome:

-Generational curses of idolatry
-Witchcraft curses your enemies are sending to you (note: you DO have enemies)
-Fiery darts that have been implanted within your body or soul
-Spiritual oppression as a result of being under witchcraft attacks
-Evil spirits of Santeria, satanism, voodoo, witchcraft, and the occult

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Along with the public ministry events Jay also conducts his "Removing Demons, Healing Hearts Seminars," which are designed to meet the spiritual needs of hurting individuals. Each year, in select cities, Jay conducts these LIMITED meetings and is available on a limited basis to meet with individuals and families. These are small group meetings where Jay will teach and minister.

Some of the fascinating subjects we will be exploring, in the seminars, include:

+Discovering the Powers of the Age to Come
+Supernatural Evangelism: Signs & Wonders
+The KEY: Knowing JESUS & Your Hidden Life in HIM
+Overcoming Witchcraft Curses, Spells, and Rituals
+Investigating Soulish Realms in Inner Healing
+Discerning Ancestral Dissociation
+Discerning Human Interjects & Astral Projection
+Spiritual Warfare: Combating the Flesh, the World & the Demonic
+Mastering the Miraculous: Physical & Emotional Healing
+Sacraments & Exorcism
+Maximum Spiritual Immunity I & II
+Activating Ministering Angels
+Releasing Your Destiny Through Personal Deliverance

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Extraordinary Emergency Home Encounters

Throughout the year we receive calls and emails from those desperate for immediate spiritual intervention. Often times, the needs are such where quick intervention is of the utmost importance. Jay makes himself available for such a emergency intervention. These house calls are available for you, where we travel to your city, to your home, to pray for you and your loved ones. These are all day extensive ministry sessions. Contact us today so we can intervene in Jesus name.

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Exorcism Publications

We are currently offering our Extraordinary Publications Set, which consist of 20+ publications, for the low price of $100.00. Please allow 48 hours for delivery. Publications are ebooks and not available, in this format, anywhere else. Order the Extraordinary Publications Set today!

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Extraordinary Publications Set

+Demon Encounters: Defeating Devils in the Name of Jesus
+Deeper Mysteries of the Deliverance Ministry: Examining Dissociation, Ancestral Dissociation and Human Interjects
+Spiritual Dynamics of Soul Slavery and Mind Control
+Expelling Evil Spirits
+Setting the Captives Free
+Free From Satan
+Bartlett's Book of the Occult, Volume I
+Freedom Fighters
+Conversion to Christ, Call from God, Experiencing the Fire of the Holy Spirit and Deeper Life
+Public Proclamation of the Gospel
+Chronicle of Miracles
+Encounters with Evil Spirits
+Sacred Scriptures, Holy Angels, the Blessed Virgin Mary, and Holy Elements
+Exorcisms in the Methodist Church
+Concerning Miracles and Unusual Acts of the Supernatural
+Allow Me to Introduce You to the Defeated Devil
+Confronting the Illuminati and Other Evils with the Cross of Jesus
+Holy Mysteries of the Holy Eucharist
+Miraculous Wonders in Latin America
+False Spiritual Movements
+Eerie But True
+Exorcism Stories, Volume I
+Exorcism Stories, Volume II
+I Am Saved From My Enemies
+Experiences in Exorcisms
+Holy Chronicle of Miracles: Special Edition

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