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We are excited about the development of a new training center that will equip the Body of Christ on how to proclaim the gospel, heal the sick, minister to those broken in heart and to drive out demons.

New NEVER BEFORE RELEASED audio materials. Nearly 70 segments will be offered covering many hours of teachings.

Freedom Fighter International Training Center's 6+ Levels

Basic Level

Systematic Theology I & II
Overview of Exorcism within Early Church History
The Commission of the Church: Evangelism, Healing, Exorcism and Inner Healing
Curse Breaking I
Understanding the Sacraments
Understanding Spiritual Gifts
Preparation of the Exorcist
Biblical Demonology I
Spiritual Warfare I
Public Deliverance & Healing Mission
Supernatural Evangelistic Work
Studies on the Fire of the Holy Spirit
Personal Deliverance and Healing

Intermediate Level

Systematic Theology III
Curse Breaking II
Utilizing the Sacraments I
Utilizing the Spiritual Gifts I
Extraordinary Evangelism: Exorcism & Healing
Self Liberation
Understanding Dissociation
Understanding Occult Phenomena
Devil Proofing Life, Family, Home and Ministry
Biblical Demonology II
Spiritual Warfare II
Inner Healing in the Scriptures
Physical Healing in the Scriptures
Healing Body and Soul

Advanced Level

Utilizing the Sacraments II
Utilizing the Spiritual Gifts II
Advanced Theology
Theology of the Cults I
Theology of the False Religions I
Study of the Occult
Ministering to those in the Occult
Ministering to those with Dissociation
Overcoming Occult Phenomena
Sacred Weapons
Understanding Ancestral Dissociation
Dynamics of Demon Possession
Preforming an Exorcism
Post Deliverance

***At the end of the Advanced Level student will be given a comprehensive exam that cover all previous levels. Student will then graduate from the Freedom Fighter International Training Center, obtain a Master's of Ministry certificate and will be offered an opportunity to attend a special commissioning service upon the completion of the Advanced Level.

Post Graduate/Premier I & II Levels*:

Secrets of the Kingdom
Mastering Extraordinary Miracles
Mastering the Use of the Sacraments in Ministry
Discerning Mind Control I & II
Deprogramming Dynamics
Special Class on Raising the Dead
Ministering to those with Ancestral Dissociation
Special Class on Human Interjects
Extracting Cursed Objects & Spiritual Surgery
Dynamics of Satanic Ceremonial Trauma
Ministering to those with Satanic Ceremonial Trauma
Advanced Study of Cults and False Religions
Advanced Study on Holy Angels & Celestial Beings

*This is only a sampling of the teachings we offer at this level. There are many other deeper subjects we explore that is limited to those who advance to these Premier Levels.

***Each graduate of the Premier Level will receive a Doctorate of Ministry certificate upon completion and will be offered an opportunity to attend a special commissioning service.

BRAND NEW!!! Eradicating Idolatrous & Witchcraft Curses, Fiery Darts, & Oppression Special Post Graduate Courses within the FFITC!

Special Ministry Courses on Overpowering the Powers of Witchcraft in the Name of Jesus!!!

These Unique and Dynamic Presentations/Teachings Will Teach You on How to Overcome:

-Generational curses of idolatry
-Witchcraft curses your enemies are sending to you (note: you DO have enemies)
-Fiery darts that have been implanted within your body or soul
-Spiritual oppression as a result of being under witchcraft attacks
-Evil spirits of Santeria, satanism, voodoo, witchcraft, and the occult


Freedom Fighter Armory

"For though we walk in the flesh, we do not war according to the flesh. For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty in God for pulling down strongholds..."

This is a wonderful reminder, from 2 Corinthians 10:3-4, for the disciple of Jesus, the Freedom Fighter, for the spiritual warrior who desires to be used of God to defeat the dragon and his army. We are told by the apostle Paul that we have "weapons." Plural. We have many weapons we can utilize to fight the good fight. I have discovered many dozens of spiritual weapons we can utilize against the demonic realm. These are effective weapons for they are "mighty in God" (v. 4).

However, I have discovered very few disciples know of these weapons. Most believers in Jesus know of only a few tools to fight the enemy. Our God is gracious in providing us numerous weapons so we can start fighting back from a place of victory. These unique weapons posses the ability to pull down strongholds. These are extremely powerful weapons the Body of Christ needs to know about. With that in mind, I have developed, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, a BRAND NEW TRAINING RESOURCE: "The Freedom Fighter Armory."

The Freedom Fighter Armory will equip, I believe, many generations to come, on how to effectively wage spiritual warfare. In the Armory we will explore:

Dozens of spiritual weapons
Deeper supernatural elements of these weapons
How to practically utilize these spiritual tools to protect yourself, family and friends
How to practically utilize these spiritual weapons to minister to others and to force back the powers of evil

There are more then 70+ spiritual weapons you need to be aware of. This NEW training resource will educate, inspire and equip you and your family. Our scheduled release date for this NEW training is 2018.

ALL of these training programs for only $500

Click here to purchase the training.

Want to learn more? Very soon our Freedom Fighter Armory will be opened to the general public. We will examine and give practical advise on how to utilize more then 70 spiritual weapons at our disposal so we can be equipped to defeat dragons in Jesus name!